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Renaissance Learning

Working as Creative Director with my strategic colleagues at Kelton Global, we were engaged to create a full rebranding program for Renaissance Learning, one of the leading educational software solution providers trusted by teachers, school leaders and students for k12 assessment, reading and practice.

We worked to identify key strategic elements of the brand, their history, offerings, promise and long reputation in the educational software space. With the introduction of several new products on the horizon, we created a new product grouping and hierarchy solution, a new identity with exhaustive brand guidelines and a wealth of internal materials for training and on-boarding with the new brand.


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To accelerate learning for all. 

We believe everyone can be a successful learner. 

We know that learning is a growth process: a continual journey from year to year, and for a lifetime. It is our conviction that empowering teachers is integral to student success. 

Every student should have the chance to reach his or her full potential. We light their path toward growth. 


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We empower teachers, curriculum creators, and educators to bring more students further along in their learning. With a data-driven foundation, we help them analyze, customize, and plan learning paths for grades, classrooms, small groups, or individual students. 

We put teachers first.
We turn data into insight.
We are responsive innovators by nature.

We believe relationships are the heart of learning.

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Digital - Web & Mobile

Digital - Web & Mobile

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