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Blue World Voyages

A few years ago an entrepreneur and competitive rower, climber, sports and yoga enthusiast had a ridiculously bold idea. To find people with similar healthy, active lifestyles and combine all the things they love about life into something called a cruise.

Blue World Voyages is the world’s first cruise line 100% dedicated to sports, fitness and wellness—and personal discovery.

I have been working with Blue World since its inception. My work has entailed crafting the overall brand strategy and customer stories, brand positioning, industry and customer research, the customer journey (either as weekly paying passenger or full time live-aboard owner), working with our real estate partners to produce sales materials and websites for the 40 Owners Residences as well as producing all customer, investor and media touchpoints along the way.

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The moment you step aboard, you realize it’s not like any other cruise ship you’ve ever encountered. The world’s first cruise line fully dedicated to sports and wellness.

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The active lifestyle segment is a $45.6 billion market with a potential customer base of 41 million health-conscious consumers for whom a traditional cruise held little interest.

Digital: Desktop Website

Digital: Desktop Website

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Digital: Mobile Website

Digital: Mobile Website

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Investor Video

Media & Press Book

Media & Press Book

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Extending The Identity

Extending The Identity

Owners Residences Real Estate Sales Brochure

Owners Residences Real Estate Sales Brochure

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Digital: Owners Residences Sales Website

Digital: Owners Residences Sales Website

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